What Does Your Baby Like?

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Hey ladies! I’m sure a lot of you already know by now, but just in case you didn’t, I am 28 weeks pregnant with my first baby boy! While this season of life is super exciting for my husband and me, it also raises some questions about what skincare products and ingredients are safe for my skin while pregnant. I have a history of acne prone skin so I find myself frequently asking myself these questions; “Can I use this?’, “Is the percentage of this okay?” “Will these ingredients be detrimental to my babies health?”

Even as a professional Esthetician, I still need to check products to make sure they are safe for me and for the baby, there is A LOT of skincare products and ingredients out there so it’s impossible for anyone to know everything about safe products. I know a few pregnant ladies that are curious about this same topic so I thought I’d share some helpful info that I’ve figured out. Here are some products and skin care treatments that you want to avoid while pregnant.


It is recommended that products such as Avage, Differin, Renova, Retin-A, retinol, vitamin A and Tazorac be avoided. Studies have suggested a possible link to birth defects no matter what the percentage is. This is both orally and topical.

Salicylic Acid
Studies show that while local and limited use of topical acne-fighting products containing up to 2 percent of salicylic acid is at low risk for your baby. I’ve found some mixed studies and opinions about salicylic acid in pregnancy.  Salicylic acid is typically used to treat inflamed acne. A lot of studies say very low percentages are okay, but for me personally, I just decided to not take any chances and just avoid using it because there are other options to treat acne that are proven 100% to be safe.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Again Studies and research have shown that using benzoyl peroxide to treat pregnancy acne is on the fence. According to Face Reality Specialist, acne med (an acne product containing benzoyl peroxide) is safe to use in the lower percentages of 2.5% or 5%. I have this product at home and I still continue to use it just as a spot treatment to dry up any inflamed acne that pops up here and there.

Mandelic Acid

Here is some good news! Mandelic acid is usually used to treat inflamed acne and help with hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin). This news makes me excited because I normally use a mandelic acid serum to help with some acne scars and sunspots. For those few women who are experiencing pregnancy mask( dark splotchy spots that appear on the face during pregnancy then after birth go away) mandelic acid is a good option to help with the temporary darkening of the skin. I am currently using an 8% mandelic serum every day to help with my scaring and breakouts.

Facial Treatments

Some facial treatments to avoid during pregnancy would be chemical peels of any percentage and any acid and high frequency or galvanic current. SAFE treatments during pregnancy at Citrus would be a custom facial, Rezenerate facial, CBD facial and  LED facial. I’ve had to adjust my skincare routine and treatments because I normally get a chemical peel twice a month and used strictly acne products. Since being pregnant, I’ve switched over to facials, oxygen treatments with extractions and only certain acne products and my skin is doing really well!  I’ve had a few breakouts here and there but overall, my skin has been doing great!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you found it useful and informative. If you think of any other skin care pregnancy questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 717-534-1100 and ask to speak to Lauren.


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5 Steps To Go Bare This Summer

Does the idea of being make up free this summer scare you ? Here are some easy breezy tips to be carefree .

1. Schedule a summer facial. A deep cleaning to remove build up will help your skin absorb moisture from your products and help you have a natural glow. Our coconut seaweed facial is the perfect combo to brighten and soften.

2. Consider an eyebrow and eyelash tinting. Ditch the mascara and brow pencils . Waterproof and sweat proof, this will make your eyes pop for several weeks.

3. A brightening eye and lip serum will add sparkle, smooth fine lines and add hydration. When your eyes look good, everything looks good.

4. SPF . You already know this. Sun damage will not only risk your chances of cancer but you will also cause premature aging and discoloration. Consider a tinted SPF if you typically wear foundation. Hats also offer protection as well as large sunglasses to protect under the eyes.

5. Drink Drink Drink. Water that is. Sweat, humidity and increased outdoor activities can make your skin look sallow and dull. Extra H2O will go a long way in preventing fine lines and keeping a smooth, clear complexion.

Visit us in June for some great summer facials to get your glow on or to schedule your lash/brow tinting. www.citrusskinstudio.com

I Finally Found My Brain. I Think.

I’m an old nurse. A time before computerized charting. A summary of important patient info was kept on a kardex, a handy card at the desk for quick reference about diagnosis , diet and activities. We also carried in our pockets our “brains” . A sheet of paper organized by the nurse with a section for each patient with their diagnosis,  meds, iv’s, lab results..a mini chart that was filled out as you got a report from the off going nurse. You carried it in your pocket and took it out over and over to update it thru out the day and it was critical to have it handy for just about everything especially when your shift was over so you could give a complete accurate report to the off going nurse. If you misplaced your brain during the day it was awful. Unless you could remember all those details about every pt  you would struggle to report off. And if your brain was found by another pt or family it would be horrible too as you had details on that paper that no one else should see.

When I left nursing 2 years ago I still used a brain. Mostly everyone did, I believe. Although the same info was in the computer, your brain had more personal notes that you wrote to help you keep organized thru your shift. As I write this I texted my nurse friend Tara. ” Do you still use a brain when you get report?” Her reply ” You mean a computer?” “No, the paper you carry around” Tara – “absolutely”. But Tara is my age. Maybe the younger girls are more savvy and use a pocket device or memorize things.

As business grows and evolves and in my personal life I have added in a training program for running, I struggle to keep organized. I see people every day as I check them out at the desk and watch how the keep organized. Some clients carry a calendar. My friend Melissa has a beautiful full size binder/calendar book. Cheryl has the tiniest calendar I have ever seen. And she can see it! A majority put in their phones. I love the client though that hands me several credit cards from the bottom of their purse ” try this one” then “no, try that one” and definitely needs the appt written for her on a card . I fall between her and Melissa. I have purchased day timers, used apps, carried my ipad around. All in an attempt to remember appts, reorder inventory, call someone back..and I fail all the time. Last week my cable was shut off. Ooops. I remember seeing the bill and knew it was in a pile somewhere in the kitchen but that made me realize nothing was working. I went back to the brain. My system of organization for keeping 5-6 patients at a time organized and keeping tasks in one place. Except my brain is now projected on a wall. I just got this desk and am in the process of making files and bins and reminder calendars for work and bills. It’s got to be on a white board RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I plan to spend 30 mins every AM and PM looking at my brain. I also need to utilize technology better so inventory is automated and client info is computerized since we are now swimming in charts behind the front desk.

I keep the original blue prints of the shop in front of me. I want to remember the terror I felt everyday as I took the plunge and signed the lease for Citrus. Terrified and also very adult having hired an engineer. I keep my race medals to my left to remind me that pain has a reward. And it makes me feel bad-ass.

My task today before I start work is to look at new scheduling software that allows me to attach client records and pictures to completely go paperless. I also want to bring in a men’s line. And launch ” Manly Monday’s “. And order equipment to finish the treatment room upstairs. And finally register for a fall marathon and pick a training plan. And And And.

If you are the girl with 6 credit cards in the bottom of your purse, keep trying. Unless you just don’t care. But when your cable shuts off it’s time to plan better. If a tiny calendar works for you great. Cheryl has never forgotten an appt and travels a lot and is very social so that is working for her. Me – I hope this is it. My final and successful attempt to organize my personal and professional life.

I appreciate how gracious my clients are and ask that you continue to be as we switch scheduling programs and do away with files. It may mean that we ask you to fill out paperwork again if it has been a year or more since your last visit. I am very worried that an appt could get lost in the switch over of programs. BUT, inventory will be on a schedule so no more waiting for products, and with the addition of a men’s lines and gentlemen’s facials maybe you can get your husband to visit. We are also looking to be open Monday’s . The more organized and efficient I am, the better Citrus is.

Needs change in all areas of our lives. As humans we are always growing, evolving, learning. This business is in its 5th


coffee table
Now featuring a zen garden do it yourself pinterest wanna be coffee table

year and having a growth spurt. I am overwhelmed with happiness and hope that if it has been a while to please come in. Your skin is changing as you age and we want to help you adjust your home care to meet the needs of your skin. We have new products and treatments to serve you better. We have more staff to make scheduling easier . We have a zen garden in our coffee table now. Ok, that may not be a compelling reason to bring you back in but I thought for a few days that I was suddenly a pinterest wizard and could build a coffee/zen garden table. But like me, you are changing too and need to find ways to keep on top of life. A brain that works for you , some serums, some peptides and you are good to go to roll with the changes that life brings you 😉