5 Tips For Flawless Wedding Skin

We get to help a lot of brides prepare for the big day with both waxing and achieving healthy, glowing skin . Visiting us a few months ahead of your wedding can help us map out a treatment plan to maximize results and minimize stress related break outs or blotchiness. Check out these tips :


  1. Ice Ice Baby. Ice can be a perfect way to tighten pores, perk up the skin , diminsh puffy eyes and fight a dreaded surprise zit. Icing before you have your makeup applied will help it go on smoothly. Icing a pimple will quickly reduce redness and size. Have a bridesmaid carry an ice pack that you squeeze to activate if you need it and it will be no mess.
  2. Hydrate . Days before the wedding. Water will plump up your skin and carry toxins away. It will be hard to think about getting enough ounces in the day before or the day of, so prehydrating will help keep sluggish skin away. If your pee is clear you have more than enough in your system. Aim for light straw-colored. Water is a critical element in skin health and for proper function.
  3. Exfoliate. See a professional for a deep facial cleansing, pore extractions if needed, or a microderm. Plan this a couple of weeks before the wedding, your skin will still be healthy and fresh. At Citrus Skin Studio we often plan a strategy to include a deep cleanse or peel 4 weeks before then a hydrating or oxygen facial 10 days before and then a LED session one day before.
  4. Make an emergency kit. Carry an ice pack as we mentioned in number one. A redness reducing powder like relief bio powder will help with any sudden breakouts, rashes , even a bruise. Acne spot treatment to dry up a blemish and a hydrating gel. Our favorites are a soothie Q and a pesky pimple emergency kit. We also recommend a home spa eye treatment to do the morning of and a lip treatment  – you have a lot of talking and kissing to do !
  5. Do not try anything new. Please – no DIY home masks or new products. Unless it is several weeks before . You don’t want to battle rashes and breakouts . If you do, call us or find a spa that has LED therapy. It is a quick, noninvasive way to help heal the skin.

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Starting My Business . I can’t believe you got out of your car !

This was a proud moment 

I was a nurse for so long, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. However, I was getting older and the 12 hr shifts, weekends and holidays at work were getting old too. I had an idea for a side business in waxing. As a labor and delivery nurse, and as a woman, I knew that bikini waxing and brazillians were popular and at the time, no one in this area was doing them. I enrolled in esthetics school and skin care was part of the course. At the time, I had no interest in skin care. I hated my large pores and oily skin but had no interest in beauty products, cleansers, serums.. it overwhelmed me. I just wanted a waxing boutique. After attending classes all day I would go into work for an evening shift and my coworkers would approach me with questions about wrinkles, skin damage and acne. I wanted to help them so I stated taking that part of my courses more seriously. I studied more and started to really appreciate the anatomy and physiology of the skin. I started understanding products and treatments and wished that I had learned this years ago instead of wasting so much money on store products and carrying blotting papers around  with me – oily skin people, you know what they are. I began to really enjoy the learning and helping process.

After I graduated I continued my education at the International Dermal Institute. But I still felt I was lacking in treating acne. Fortunately I found Face Reality and loved what I read about them on their Yelp reviews. I wanted people to say that about me and help change their lives ! I became certified and before long I was proficient in waxing, skin treatments and acne.

My fellow nurses really helped me move forward. So many allowed me to try new products, peels and waxing on them so I would feel confident in the treatments and outcomes. I practiced on them for some time before taking a huge step in opening up my shop.

unSPA was in Palmyra behind a gas station. To all of you who came to see me in that location – why ?? I would have been a little creeped out going behind that gas station and into a new business underground. But thank you !! My place was clean and cute inside, but you didn’t know it when you parked outside. Because of you I grew in skill and knowledge and fell more in love with what I get to do every day now.

When this sign went up in my waiting area all I could think was wow , I actually have a business. And now wow, I have a business, employees and a blog. Thank you for being here. I am always so excited to share what I know and help and for anyone starting out in their own business – it is terrifying but awesome. Keep following me and I will share what I know 😉


The Journey Continues

Thanks for joining me!

I am so happy and grateful for your encouragement and support. I love what I do and I can talk for hours about skin science, treatments and ingredients.  I spend hours researching products, new modalities and services so that I can continue to serve you and meet your needs. As business grows and evolves, I decided to start this blog as a way to provide you helpful information and keep you updated in a way that is easier to navigate for information relevant to you.

If you are new to Citrus Skin Studio please check out the about page to see how we started , where we are going and how fortunate I am to have found a good staff and amazing clients !

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton