The Skin Analysis – A Critical Step In A Facial Service

A properly executed skin analysis is a critical part of any skin care treatment program. A professional skin analysis is the only way to to determine what products and treatments will be the most effective and safe to improve or restore your skin’s health. To better understand how a skin analysis benefits you, let’s begin with who can perform a professional skin analysis.

Aestheticians are licensed professionals who have completed a required number of hours of training and then must pass a state issued written and practical examination. Aestheticians are trained to perform skin analyses, as the analysis, along with the client’s stated goals, determines the treatment plan. Many aestheticians, also receive post-graduate training all of which benefit you as the client. Dermatologists and physicians also perform skin analyses often for the purpose of diagnosing skin disorders, abnormal lesions and/or rashes.

At Citrus Skin Studio, every new client receives a skin analysis during their consultation. Typically your face is cleansed with a gentle cleanser to remove dirt, oil and makeup. At this point several things are noted including whether or not your skin reacts to cleansers; your skin is tested to see if it turns red from gentle stimulation; does the skin feel rough or greasy; etc. After your skin is cleansed it is examined under a magnifying lamp so that the aesthetician can get an up close look at your skin. Looking and touching the skin can yield a lot of information about your particular skin type. The size of your pores is examined, the laxity of the skin is noted, your skin is examined for collagen loss and checked for blemishes hidden under the skin. If there are any pigmentation irregularities, then a  Wood’s lamp is used to further examine your skin. A Wood’s lamp emits long wave (UV-A) ultraviolet light which helps to determine how deep in the dermis the pigmentation lies and whether or not it is treatable.

All of this information determines how to proceed with your course of treatment. Sometimes a single session treatment alone with a home care regimen is all that is needed, sometimes a more advanced course of treatment will be prescribed. Skin analyses are then done routinely over the course of your treatment to track the progress of the treatments and to look for any changes or concerns that may arise.

Recently, on a return visit, a client commented that she has had facial many times in the past, but she never had one that made her skin look different until she visited Citrus Skin Studio.The reason for this, is that prior to her treatment her skin was analyzed. During her analysis dehydrated areas were noted and treated, sun spots that were revealed via the Wood’s lamp received lighteners, and loose areas of skin received firming products.

At Citrus Skin Studio our goal is to treat your skin – not to simply apply great smelling creams and give your a fluffy robe to wear.  Your skin health is our utmost concern, and it all begins with a professional skin analysis.

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Donna Eicherly RN,LE

Author: Donna

A registered nurse and licensed esthetician, I love helping people every day feel better about their skin and help heal sick skin. I have a team of three talented estheticians and a business that is growing and evolving to meet your needs. I enjoy running and time with my family while I am not busy at Citrus Skin Studio.

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