5 Benefits of a Summer Facial

Is it ok to get a facial in the summer ? YES! It is one of the best times !

In the heat of summer,  you might be struggling to balance your skin and keep up your normal routine with all of the humidity and days spent in the sun. Since you are probably exposed to the elements more regularly than you might be during the colder months of the year, a good cleaning and anti oxidant infusion is in order.

Here are some great benefits of a summer facial

  1. In the summertime, facials can focus on repairing and protecting your skin from increased sun exposure and a more active lifestyle
  2. Facials help repair your skin following that beach trip filled with sunburn and sweaty foreheads, keeping your skin in tip top condition for the rest of summer
  3. Sweating releases the body’s toxins out through the pores and if sweat sits on your face for long it can become a breeding ground for bacteria leading to acne, inflammation, and clogged pores
  4. Going in and out of air conditioned environments and into the hot sun can severely dehydrate the skin. Dehydrated skin can start to itch and flake leading to other concerns relating to premature aging. Stay hydrated to keep your skin fortified with moisture from the inside out. A facial will correct dehydration and can plump fine lines from dry, stressed skin.
  5. Not only do facials help repair summer skin damage, they can also help prevent summer-related skin issues. If you are going on a beach vacation,we will formulate a facial that strengthens and repairs your skin, while also avoiding deep exfoliation.

Summertime facials focus on infusing your skin with antioxidants and nourishing your skin to be in the best condition for all the fun summer has to offer. Think : REPAIR, PROTECT, and PREVENT

We have some great summer facials at Citrus Skin Studio that incorporate natural fruit enzymes and vitamin C. Book online @ http://citrusskinstudio.com/appointments/


Author: Donna

A registered nurse and licensed esthetician, I love helping people every day feel better about their skin and help heal sick skin. I have a team of three talented estheticians and a business that is growing and evolving to meet your needs. I enjoy running and time with my family while I am not busy at Citrus Skin Studio.

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